New year, new life.  The farewell of a year is approaching and with it come moments of reflection on what happened and on all the changes you want to make to receive the new year.  I include 5 lifestyles that can help you prepare your list of resolutions. 

  1. Move more – walking 30 minutes a day offers many health benefits. It reduces stress, strengthens bones and muscles, reduces the risk of depression, anxiety and helps you sleep better, among others. 
  •  Eat a balanced diet – choose low-fat and low-sodium foods, eat more fiber, reduce sugar and alcohol, prefer fish, turkey, or chicken, choose low-fat water and milk, and eat at least 3 fresh fruits a day.
  • Sleep and rest – an adult need to sleep between 6-8 hours a day. A restful sleep helps you think more clearly, have better reflexes, and concentrate better.  Lack of sleep influences mood and how you interact with others.  Reduce the use of electronic equipment before bed, help you enjoy a restful sleep.
  • Give thanks – gratitude contributes to hope.  It allows you to focus on the positive and helps reduce anxiety and daily stress.  Grateful people are happier and more satisfied with their lives, friendships, family and community; and perform better at school and work. 
  • Self-care – pay attention to what your body tells you to care for and promote your physical, mental, and emotional health. Make time for your annual checkup and preventive tests.  Socializing with friends, family or partner is also important.  If you don’t already have it, identify a hobby.  Nourish your spirit with either meditation or a religious service of your choice. Recognize your emotions and express them safely; seek professional help if needed.

Start the new year by incorporating all or some of these lifestyles.  Start by adding small changes to your routine and food.  Add quality of life to your years to enjoy a full life.  We want you healthy, take care.

By: Tania Mangual-Monzón, MS, BHE