Learn about your rights as a patient according to Puerto Rico Act 194 of August 25, 2000, as amended, known as the “Carta de Derechos y Responsabilidades del Paciente” (“The Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities”).


The right to:

  • Receive high-quality health care.
  • Get information about health plans, facilities, and health professionals.
  • Choose your primary care physician, preferred health providers, and specialists from the insurer’s provider list.
  • Continue receiving health care after the plan’s cancellation or termination.
  • Be treated in an emergency room without the need of a referral or authorization from your primary care physician or insurer.
  • Participate in the decision-making process regarding your treatment, which includes any necessary information from your physician.
  • Be treated with respect, be protected against discrimination, and receive equal treatment from any health care professional.
  • Freely communicate with your health care provider, access your medical records, and confidentiality of your medical information.
  • File claims or grievances with the Office of the Patient Advocate to resolve any situation regarding your health care.

Para recibir más información te puedes comunicar a los siguientes números de teléfonos:

Tel: 1.800.981.0031

Outside Metro Area (Toll Free): 787.710.7057


Reference:  Oficina del Procurador del Paciente “Conozca sus derechos y responsabilidades como paciente