According to the American Psychological Association (APA), anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension and worried thoughts, in addition to an increase in blood pressure. Psychologist Alberto Ferrer explains that this emotion is a mental anticipation that something that worries us may happen, and that we will not have the capability or ability to cope with that event.

Positive thoughts bring positive attitude.  A positive attitude will be the greatest protection against negativity.  When you have a positive attitude, you can remain calm when coping with difficult moments – which will always exist – and find a solution without getting trapped in the problem.

Practice and embrace the following techniques to get rid of anxiety.

  • Mindfulness – Keep your thought from wandering to the future. Live the present.  Full or conscious attention lets us focus the mind on the present.  A simple way to accomplish this is concentrating on breathing.  Inhale and exhale through the nose.


  • Learn to relax – Become aware of your tense muscles, wherever you feel pain, maybe your back, shoulders, neck and lumbar area. Identify the zones where you are most tense, take one deep breath and relax your muscles as you exhale.  Repeat as many times as necessary.


  • Identify your fears and face them, this time in real life – Share your distress and worries with a friend who will listen to you and accompany you throughout the process. It’s time to take charge; stop avoiding it. Dare to!


  • Practice good sleep and eating habits – Rest. Keep your meals and the watch the food you eat.  Willpower is the best tool and it depends solely on you.  Keep your chin up!


  • Occupy your body and mind – Identify an activity that generates wellness. It can be practicing your favorite sport or hobby.  Devote at least half an hour to this activity, every day.


Whenever the mind wants to wanders too much thinking about the future, take a deep breath and respond to it with love, one day at a time.






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