Let Us Not Lower Our Guard

The traditional Christmas gatherings between relatives are approaching.  However, it is important that you know CONOCE MÁS

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Healthy Recommendations

Protect yourself from the sun's ultraviolet rays. Do not use tobacco or its derivatives. Perform CONOCE MÁS

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Elder abuse

The older adult is the person of 60 years or older. Elder abuse refers to CONOCE MÁS

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Look Out For Signs Of Suicide

Did you know that every 26 hours somebody commits suicide and every 40 minutes someone CONOCE MÁS

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Protection Under The Sun

During the summer we enjoy a lot of outdoor activities.  Some people only think about CONOCE MÁS

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New year… New life – Your Checklist for2018

Do you have your resolutions ready?  What resolutions of the new year have you proposed CONOCE MÁS

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Agile At Any Age

The benefits achieved through exercising regularly can be obtained from all of life’s stages.  For CONOCE MÁS

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Oral Health for People with Diabetes

People with diabetes must take special care of their gums and teeth because they are CONOCE MÁS

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Before a hurricane…

Don’t let a hurricane or any other weather event take you by surprise.  Be prepared CONOCE MÁS

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